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Student Learning outcomes

Students will learn how to

Communicate with PJC Librarians through

Virtual Reference Desk
Ask A Librarian
Search the PJC Library Catalog to find books & e-books
Implement Boolean Operators in databases to Narrow Search Results
Locate Journal Articles
Peer-reviewed (Understand authority as it relates to research)
Identify & use an appropriate citation format
Evaluate Internet Sources by using Information literacy
Improve Your Information Seeking Behavior to continue ongoing scholarly conversation (Carncross 249)

Library Tutorials (videos)

Boolean Operators

The AND operator
This operator can be used to link two or more terms together to limit your search.
The OR operator
This operator can be used to broaden your search results.
The NOT operator
This operator can be used to narrow your search results and help you exclude terms you don't need.

Information literary

Information Literacy Framework

1.Authority Is Constructed and Contextual
2.Information Creation Is a Process
3.Information Has Value
4.Research Is an On-Going Process
5.Scholarship Is a College-Level Conversation
6.Searching Is Strategic Exploration