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Welcome to the PJC library.  The librarians and reference staff are here to help you find resources for your research papers and other college assignments.  Refer to the library homepage for contact information and hours of operation.

Mission & Purpose

The overall mission and purpose of the library is to provide resources that meet the educational, instructional, and enrichment goals of the college as reflected in Paris Junior College's Mission Statement.
These LibGuides provide resources for the following:

  1. Technical programs up to two years in length leading to an associate degree or certificate;
  2. Vocational programs leading directly to employment in semi-skilled and skilled occupations;
  3. Freshmen and sophomore courses in arts and sciences;
  4. Workforce development programs designed to meet local and statewide needs.

Excerpted from Paris Junior College's Vision | Mission | Purpose Statement.
 Texas Education Code Sec. 130.0101