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Anatomy and Physiology 1: Powerpoint Slides & Handouts

Human A & P 1 Taylor


Look through the various powepoint presentations. They are all availible in ppt form - perfect for reviewing and printing.

Printing from PowerPoint -how to change from slides to handouts.

1 Click the office button

2 Click Print

          Print what: – on lower left side click the down pointing arrow and then click handouts from the drop-down list

               Change Color to pure black & white

               Under Handouts choose 3 or 6 slides per page

3 Click on the preview button and zoom to 100% - this will show you what the pages will look like if in your hands.  This   is a great way to determine how many slides you want on a page. 

***You must change from slides to handouts for EACH chapter.

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