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Library Tutorials

Library Tutorials

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ENGL 1301 Resources

ENGL 1301:  Composition and Rhetoric
Credit Hours: 

Required Textbooks:

Hacker, Diana.  A Writer's Reference. 

Bedford Introduction to Literature, .  Print.

Kirszner, Lauries and Stephen Mandell.  Patterns for College Writing.  

Used books usually are available.

Prerequisites:  TASP or COMPASS Assessment Required.

Handouts | Students are responsible for having all handouts.

Goals and Objectives of the Course

Students will

  1. improve attitudes towards written communication
  2. review and practice principles of basic English grammar and composition
  3. refine specific writing and composition skills
  4. increase specific critical thinking, reading, and writing skills
  5. build nalytical thinking skills
  6. successfully complete the preparation of paragraphs and essays

Special Needs

Students with special needs or diabilities are encouraged to contact a counselor or advisor from the Counseling Advising Center by calling 903-454-9333 to arrange an appointment to begin the process.

Services for students with diabilities are coordinated by the Counseling/Advising Center.  The college is committed to assisting qualified students as completely as possible.  Services include the arrangement for accommodations and services to allow equal access to education opportunities for students with disabilities.

After your conference with a counselor on this campus, I will be glad to help you with your accommodations.