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Social Sciences: Psychology

Materials related to the psychology and sociology coursework taught at PJC.

Online Catalog and Databases

The catalog is available for your research needs. Type in the title of your book you are studying or the author and you will find materials to assist you with your paper. Use the subject search with search terms to find additional resources.

On Line Catalog

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Links to Scholarly Resources on Psychology

  • Academic Info
    A directory of online psychology resources that includes links to general psychology, digital publications, databases, teaching resources as well as mental health resources.
    Provides links to resources in the different psychology sub-categories such as intelligence, forensic psychology, psychological disorders, learning and behavior, social psychology, etc.
  • Psych Web
    This page offers links to scholarly information about various topics in psychology
  • Psychology Online Resource Central
    One of the top 5 mental health and psychology websites; provides reliable and professionally-reviewed resources.
  • PsychScholar
    A collection of web resources for psychological scholars and budding psychological scholars from Hanover College in Indiana.
  • Scholarly Psychology Resources on the Web
  • World Wide Web Virtual Library: Psychology
    Scholarly links which are continually inspected and evaluated.
    Deininger, Jabob.  "Psychology."  Cape Fear Community College Libraries, 2013.  Web.  4 Nov. 2013.

Full-Text Resources and Journal Articles on Psychology

  • Classics in the History of Psychology
    Classics in the History of Psychology makes the full texts of a large number of historically significant public domain documents from the scholarly literature of psychology and allied disciplines available on the World Wide Web. It now has over 25 books and approximately 200 articles and chapters on-line. The site also provides links to over 200 relevant works posted at other sites.
    A guide to Psychology and Social Science Journals on the Web.
    Deininger, Jacob.  "Psychology."  Cape Fear Community College Libraries, 2013.  Web.  4 Nov. 2013.

Web Links