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Titles on Copyright Located in PJC Libraries

Copyright Handbook      KF2994.J63

The Fair Use Privilege in Copyright Law      KF3030.1 P37

Using Copyrighted Videocassettes in Classrooms and Libraries      KF3030.4 M54

Off-Air Videotaping in Education:  Copyright Issues, Decisions, Implications      KF3030.4 S56

Fair Use and Free Inquiry:  Copyright Law and the New Media      Z551 F3

Copyright Handbook      KF3455 A4

How to Acquire Legal Copies of Video Programs:  Resource Information Packet     KF3030.4 J65

A Guide to Copyright Issues in Higher Education      KF2996 H5

Libraries, Copyright, and Internet [Videocassette] :  Starlink & The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board    Z653.7 L5

Copyright Law [netLibrary]      KF2995 S75

The Digital Dilemma [netLibrary]:  Intellectual Property in the Information Age      KF2979 N37

Copyright in Cyberspace:  Questions and Answers for Librarians      KF3030.1 Z9 H64

Who Owns Academic Work:  Battling for Control of Intellectual Property      KF2979 M37

Complete Copyright:  An Everyday Guide for Librarians      KF2995 C57

Patent, Copyright & Trademark [netLibrary]      KF2980 E44

The Copyright Book:  A Practical Guide  [netLibrary]      KF2994 S75

The Copyright Handbook:  How to Protect & Use Writeen Works      KF2995 F53

Digital Copyright      KF3030.1 L58